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People who refuse to accept themselves as they are are what is known as "ill-dignified." These people are rotten to the core, as they hate their selves, their creator, and the world at large. They befoul whatever they touch.

At present there is still an unfortunate lingering cultural bias against the appreciation of the natural beauty of human body. This is far more offensive than nudity and genitalia. If our bodies are our temples, then why would we feel shame when we see ourselves naked? Only because of a system that was designed to make us feel guilty whenever we experience the god-given pleasures of life. The question is:  why would you care whether or not you offend the harbingers of woe, who laugh at the destruction that they spread by means of their skillful abilities to brainwash children? When a person is bound and determined to go on living a lie, nothing is more painful to hear than the truth. God is not offended by the human form, people are, and only because of a religious guilt-trip that was born as a retaliation on mankind for abusing an ancient people who are not even around any more, at least not in the same form. This people bowed out of the race centuries ago, but passed the baton to us. Why would you choose to carry someone else's dead weight, when all it does is slow you down?